Disturbing Video May Have Clues to Tom Freeman’s Disappearance


By Lauren Fields
Crime Reporter


February 12, 2018


A possible clue in the disappearance of controversial biotech entrepreneur Tom Freeman has surfaced—a disturbing video which appears to show Freeman being attacked by Power Ventures CEO Margalit Lindos. The video was discovered on a hidden page of an anonymous blog called The Assistrix.

Freeman was reported missing by his assistant, Anya Nihil, when he failed to return from a pitch meeting with Lindos, who has refused to cooperate with authorities. A spokesperson for Power Ventures says that surveillance footage showing Freeman exiting the building has been handed over in evidence.

The Braintune heir—he inherited the company when his wife, Lily Miller, was killed in a plane crash—raised eyebrows when he launched his own company a mere 48 hours after her death. He’s also been seen in the company of many of Miller’s enemies, including Tigernach Francis, the Cranamerican priestess, and Ada Mal, a hacker formerly associated with the 4reemachine collective. Police had repeatedly questioned him in relation to Miller’s disappearance.


Nihil, who is attempting to keep Lily’s Brain alive until Freeman is found, has begun an online campaign for any information that might lead to his return. She doesn’t think Lindos is guilty. “Margalit Lindos is a powerful businesswoman,” says Nihil. “What would she have to gain by killing Tom? Why isn’t anyone paying attention to the fact that there is a serial killer on the loose? How many people have to die?”

Hyperion Canyon police chief Michael Reeves said that his team is following every lead, and that he plans to hold a press conference soon with updates on the case.