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Exclusive: Tom Freeman Is Launching “Lily’s Brain”

November 13, 2017
Just one day after the tragic death of his wife, BrainTune CEO Lily Miller, Tom Freeman has announced he’s forming a new company in her memory.

Braintune Issues Recall for All Chips

November 10, 2017
Braintune (NASDAQ) has announced an immediate recall of every chip it’s ever made. Consumers are urged to report to a Braintune Bar immediately to have their chips removed.

The company warned of dire consequences should a chip remain in place, telling users and their loved ones to be on the lookout for odd, extreme, or even violent behavior.

Has the Tuning Test Been Hacked?

November 9, 2017
The hacking collective 4reeMachines claims to have hacked the Braintune Tuning test. If true, this means that anyone who has the cracker code could control potentially millions of people, raising possibilities that have long been warned of by groups like the Cranmer Foundation. 


The crash site.

Updated November 13, 2017
The human remains found in a plane crash in the Santa Monica Mountains late Sunday night have now been positively identified as Lily Miller, the CEO and founder of Braintune. The remains were so severely burnt that DNA testing was all but impossible, until Miller’s husband, Thomas Freeman, was able to help with the process. Freeman, who was piloting the plane, was uninjured. He told fire officials and the FAA that after the crash he couldn’t find his wife and hiked down the mountain in a daze. Critical rescue moments may have been lost because of Freeman’s erratic behavior—authorities assumed he was the victim of a chip malfunction and attempted to launch several Tuning Tests before agreeing to investigate.

Freeman and Miller were apparently on a romantic getaway, attempting to escape waves of scandal and bad press that had washed over them in past weeks. Miller’s company was foundering, having recalled all of its chips and then been hacked. Freeman had been accused of domestic violence and of being a spy for the darknet group, 4reeMachines.

Read our obituary for Lily Miller, a culture-changing and controversial woman.

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