No Help From Late Dr. Lily Miller’s Husband in Investigation


By Lauren Fields
Crime Reporter

The investigation into Braintune founder Dr. Lily Miller’s death has allegedly come to a standstill, due in part to the unwillingness of her husband, Tom Freeman, to assist police.

Miller passed tragically last November, while riding in a plane being piloted by Freeman that crashed in a remote area of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Freeman survived nearly unscathed.

Miller was best known for creating a biotechnology implant that revolutionized the treatment of cognitive disorders and other illnesses, and also attracted harsh criticism from those who opposed its use in prisons, along with hacker and anti-digitalist groups such as the 4reemers and Cranamerican Foundation, respectively. Freeman served as the success story of Braintune, as the first recipient of an implant during his tenure at the facility for violent felons where Miller developed and tested her chip. The two married seven years ago.

The widower has been largely silent in investigators’ attempts to piece together the circumstances of the plane crash, according to an anonymous source. “Tom was the only person there, so he’s the only hope for getting a clear picture of what happened,” the source said. “Unfortunately, he hasn’t been offering much information. The lack of cooperation isn’t looking good in terms of him being a suspect in Dr. Miller’s death, or the theory of him being hacked by those 4reemers.”

In a statement, Freeman’s new assistant Anya Nihil said that the CEO is busy with Lily’s Brain, making the round of top venture capitalists and getting an unprecedented amount of investment—more than Braintune received during its lifetime. “I don’t want to say it’s because I’m a man and Lily was a woman,” says Freeman. “But the money speaks for itself.” Nihil declined to answer followup questions.