EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lily’s Brain CEO Tom Freeman Has Disappeared

By Lauren Fields
Crime Reporter
January 16, 2018

Months after the tragic death of biotech innovator Dr. Lily Miller, her husband, Lily’s Brain CEO Tom Freeman, has disappeared. The Daily News Dose has obtained exclusive video of his last appearance, above.

Freeman made headlines recently for his surprising lack of cooperation with law enforcement in the investigation of Miller’s death. In a statement, the widower’s assistant Anya Nihil claimed that he had been hard at work securing funding for his Lily’s Brain, the company he started as a tribute to his wife just one day after her death in November. Sure enough, in recent weeks Freeman had been making rounds to venture capitalists. (Notably, the new company has been able to secure more funding than Miller’s Braintune did during its existence, at a much quicker rate.)

In the exclusive video obtained via an anonymous source, Freeman can be seen speaking with Margalit Lindos, the new CEO of Power Ventures, who has shaken up the company by scrapping its existing portfolio for companies with female and gender-nonconforming owners. It seems as though Freeman was seeking funding for Lily’s Brain, considering that it is “a woman’s company,” as he claims in the video. Lindos goes on to say that she “knows [he is] Lily, because [she is] Tom.” The video then cuts off. Nihil claims she has not seen or heard from Freeman since.

The perplexing video comes not long after the discovery of multiple bodies with malfunctioning Braintune chips. A source told us that the string of murders could either be the fault of 4reemers, Cranamericans, or Freeman himself—or they could indicate a more sinister reality about Freeman and Miller.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Tom Freeman, notify law enforcement officials immediately.