Discovery of Third Body Heightens Serial Killer Suspicions

By Lauren Fieldsshutterstock_285615605
Crime Reporter

The discovery of a third dead body in just as many weeks has heightened suspicions of a serial killer on the loose, according to local authorities.

“The nature of the homicide as well as the location in which the deceased was found indicate a trend,” said Police Commissioner James Flint in a press conference held Monday. “In the interest of protecting the victims and avoiding similar occurrences in the future, no more details will be released at this time.”

Three weeks ago, a man running in Kering Park discovered a woman’s body near the river, and a second was found by a mother and her two children just days later, roughly 50 feet away. The third body was discovered early Monday morning in the same vicinity. (The identities of the deceased and those who discovered their bodies will remain confidential until the investigation is completed.)

The three victims all seem to have suffered from blunt force trauma administered by the same weapon, hence worries of one person being behind the murders, but details will not be confirmed until the official coroner’s report is released.

“Solving serialized crime presents a unique challenge,” continued Flint. “However we are fully prepared to do so, and will do everything in our power to protect our citizens and apprehend the responsible party as swiftly as possible.”

Flint refused to confirm or deny that the bodies had been mutilated. Anonymous sources report that each of the victims showed signs of having had a (now recalled) Braintune chip removed and another one inserted. The second chip left a bigger cavity than the original chip, which is where the victims bled out. Each body was also dressed in a manner eerily reminiscent of Lily’s Brain CEO Tom Freeman.

Public health officials recommend you have your Braintune chip removed immediately.

“There are three working theories,” says our source. “The 4reemachines movement may be trying to make body swapping real. Since they hacked the Braintune chips and the Tuning Test, they may be experimenting with their own chips to create fully controllable humans.” Another theory is that rogue Cranamericans are carving chips out of bodies in a form of exorcism. “Or it could be a complete outside actor,” says our source. “The fact that the murderer is dressing the victim’s in Tom’s clothes may be a message—that Tom is behind lily’s murder, that Tom isn’t really Tom, or something completely different. With these maniacs you can never tell.”


The Daily News Dose will continue to cover this developing story.