Who is Ada Mal?

mal ada for daiy dose.png

January 10, 2018

Renegade hacker group 4REEMERs has historically refused to identify individual members—but that might be about to change. Sources within the organization have told the Daily Dose that a splinter faction is rising among the 4FREEMERs, led by a rogue hacker who calls herself Ada Mal. “She’s a genius,” reported a source via email who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons. “She’s the most talented hacker I’ve ever seen.” When asked what Mal’s plans may be for the loosely affiliated hacker network, our source had little to say. “We know she was working with Tom [Freeman] before Lily [Miller] bit it,” our source stated. “She’s obsessed with all that body-swapping bullsh-t. Some people are saying she’s murdering civs [the 4REEMERs’ word for non-hackers] and stealing their bodies. She’s putting other people’s souls in there, man. It’s not hacking. It’s witchcraft.”

Details about the identity of Ada Mal are scarce. Some 4FREEMERs suggest she is a mere teenager; others say she is a legendary hacker who has been on the scene forever and has only recently chosen to emerge into the limelight. The Daily Dose will continue to report breaking news on this topic.

Ed note, February 11. 2018: The 4reemachine collective has denounced Ms. Mal. More on this developing story as it happens.