Exclusive: Tom Freeman Launches New Company “Lily’s Brain”

Image Courtesy Lily’s Brain

November 13, 2017

The Daily News Dose has learned that Tom Freeman, who just yesterday survived a deadly plane crash that killed his wife, biotech entrepreneur Lily Miller, is forming a new company named for her. The company, Lily’s Brain, already has a website, and apparently several major investors.

Reached via text message, Mr. Freeman confirmed the existence of the company and its name, saying that he was declining all interviews out of respect for his wife. A short time after, we received this email:

Lily’s Brain is a pioneering medical technology company that will honor and build on the legacy of the late Lily Miller. Lily’s Brain will move medical nano chips into new markets and industries, working to improve minds and lives on a mass scale. Our mission is nothing less than liberation—freeing humanity from the chains of its physical bodies and their faulty chemistry. Imagine a world where your brain is the only thing that matters! 

“Lily always dreamed of taking Braintune to the next level, of going beyond the individual,” says Tom Freeman, founder and CEO of Lily’s Brain. “But she could never find the right investors. Ironically, when I circulated the business plan after her death, several funds came in with strong interest. If she was still here, she’d be laughing.” 

We spoke with Dana Rimbaud, a biotech analyst, who was a close friend of Dr. Miller, for more.

Daily News Dose: Ms. Rimbaud, it was just two days ago that Braintune was issuing a recall. Now its founder is dead and her husband is starting a new venture. What do you make of it? 

Dana Rimbaud: The Braintune recall was mass hysteria created by the 4reemers and the Cranamericans. It was hype. Lily’s chip was perfectly safe.

DND: Then why is the company shutting down?

DR: I believe Lily planned to shut down Braintune all along. She’d taken it as far as it could go. It was to the point where she just had to keep churning out chip after chip, without any research and development to make a better product. It was a chip factory. 

DND: Braintune was hugely successful. Why couldn’t Lily get R & D money?

DR: Lily and I have both been outspoken about the problems that women face accessing capital in the biotech world. If you want to do it with a new business model, and you’re a woman, forget it.

DND: And yet her husband has already gotten an funding round for Lily’s Brain.

DR: I rest my point. Ironically, Tom is now literally funding Lily’s brain—he will be building on all of her research and ideas. She had been looking into the nature of the mind, mapping thought patterns and impulses. Remember, she had all of the data from all of those chips. She was ready to go past impulse control and into programming.

DND: I hear you say programming, and I read in the press release about artificial intelligence and I think…

DR: Don’t be ridiculous.

DND: There are rumors that Lily became religious before she died, that she had been seen at Cranamerican prayer groups and was particularly concerned that her chips might be used for robotic possession or body swapping. Do you know anything about that? 

DR: The idea of using Braintune chips to capture consciousness certainly intrigued Lily from a scientific perspective. Of course, that part of her research was blown out of proportion by people like the Cranmers and their obsession with so-called “robotic possession.” Braintune chips do not have a functionality that would allow people to swap bodies. I want to be very clear on that.

However, Lily was a very spiritual person. In the last days of her life, I believe that she wanted to connect to the Cranamericans, not because she was afraid of her chips being hacked and used to body swap, but because she wanted to understand their fear.  I’ve seen the photo that purportedly shows her at a Cranmer prayer group…I can’t say for sure if it is her or not. It wouldn’t surprise me. She certainly believed in the afterlife.


Photo via mimagephotography/Shutterstock