Has the Tuning Test Been Hacked?


November 9th, 2017

The Tuning Test, long held out by biotech company Braintune as proof that its implants do not affect the personality of those who have the chip, may no longer be reliable.

The hacking collective 4reemachines has announced that they’ve cracked the code to the test, which is the first step to completely infiltrating and controlling a chip.

Tuning Tests (a pun on the classic Turing test pioneered by Alan Turing) were offered by Braintune as a way to test if a loved one’s chip was working or not. Using the Braintune app, patients would be asked a randomly generated question. If the implant was functioning properly, the correct answer would be given. If the patient failed a Tuning Test, their chip would direct them to the nearest Tuning Center.


If, as the 4reemers claim, the test is no longer proof of a functioning chip—and thus, no longer proof that Braintune is on control, the company will be facing its most serious test yet. It has been rocked in recent weeks by an attack on one of its facilities, an apparent assassination attempt aimed at its founder, Lily Miller.

A member of the religious Cranamerican Foundation claimed responsibility for the attack, but the police are still investigating.

Braintune declined to speak to the Daily News Dose on this subject.


Photo via Bill Wilson/Flickr